Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Jalan Jalan

Cyber City

p/s: just want to share some of your photos

Monday, August 8, 2011

Isaac 4th Birthday

Hope it adds
Some special pleasure
To the hours of your day
To know you're being thought of
In the very warmest way...
And when your birthday's over,
Hope that you'll remember, too,
The same warm thoughts as always
Will keep going out to you!

Happy Birthday Isaac!!

This is the fourth year Isaac share his birthday with great grandma....hopefully the celebrations will go on for many more years in future.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

My baby...

Another story to share...Isaac already register for next year SJKC Yuh Min 1st year of kindergarden last Wednesday...actually your grandma did the registration and me just submit your form the next day and of course to show of my communication in mandarin ;p...everything when for now, you, Isaac seem to be spoil during  your stay nenek homestay... and things change as you came home...specially your behaviour, you become more like 'angry bird'...and the way you treat you Lil bro was totally different as you think that us (Mama & Papa) will stand by you as your grandma days goes, we thinks you'll get the message how to behave nicely again...and good news is, you finally able to read ABC -Z...we are so proud of you...of course it's come with a price (power Ranger Toys) to force you start reading and frankly, we didn't bought you what you want...we just motivate you and we can see that you too proud of yourself...Since you'll be schooling next year, there's one or two things we really want to teach you...1st of course teach you to wears underwear or what you called it 'santut' were wearing it for the few days then after that you're starting giving lame excuses for not wanting to wear 'santut' again...but we still and will force you to wear it anytime soon...2nd things is, to teach you to wash your own butt /piiku after poo poo...and this is the hardest thing to rather cry out loud yelling me or your dad for like 10 minutes or so just to wash it for you..and as usual, you win but we will trying very hard again to ask you do it yourself...and your birthday is coming till then...

Sunday, June 12, 2011

My child

Parents worry about protecting their children and making them happy. Faith is the greatest gift a parents can gift a child along with the self-discipline to bring that faith to life. The household is where children can learn concretely what God is like. To raise children who understand their God-given potential, parents must know what they value and teach it to their children, help their children learn self-control and network with parents and family support group.

Monday, April 11, 2011

the LATEST..

18.03.2011 still with 4 tooth....and 4 tooth is coming soon..

18.03.2011...always in front PC

favourite cream!

the visiting...2nd time for Isaac and 1st time for Ivan....
my dear tanak...just to share some of your latest photo...

Sunday, April 10, 2011

1 Year!!

for you...but mommy already eat on behalf of you...
blow candle

Mass by Rev. Fr. Valentine on your lucky :)

This is your first Birthday
A very special one
A nice kind of day
For treats and lots of fun.
From the time you get up
Till you go Nighty night
Hope your first Birthday
Is a special delight.