Saturday, October 27, 2012

Kelly's Fullmoon

me & my "mini" me

We celebrate Kelly full moon with family and friends.  

May God bless you dear angel
especially on this day, that marks your birth,
for all the special ways you bring
a bit of heaven into our world

May God bless you, Today, Tomorrow and Always in Peace in Health in Happiness and in Love

XOXO..Mom, dad, Isaac & Ivan

Monday, October 8, 2012

third time the charm

she's just few hours old

1st meeting with her nenek & brothers

kelly's 1st bath at atuk house

almost 1 day old tbn home, you just 3 days old..

2 weeks

1 month old

my heart & soul


Finally, a baby girl join the family and of course mumy super happy coz finally I've a 'friend' at home. After deliver at Hospital Keningau, we stayed at Atuk home for 2 days then return home to Tambunan as we'll be more comfortable coz the weather here is less hot than keningau...luckily, kelly jaundice was need to mandi stout, maybe because she had been feed with 5 oz of milk right after birth because her sugar level was so low...and thank god for need to go KKIA everyday...frankly, kelly has her own drama... 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

My Journey with Kelly

25 September 2012
Today is the last day I'll be visiting Klinik Kesihatan Ibu & Anak (KKIA)...coz tomorow is my due date and if there's no sign until tomorow, I've to pack and had to do the delivering at Hospital also because my baby (kelly) is another big baby...above 4kg...i've tried diet and cut all the sugar but still, for last two months...i was totally craving "mee hoon goreng" from a specific restaurant here in i eat like twice a week or three maybe...just can't stop it...and the Dr. Evelyn didn't want to take any risk and she did mention about my baby heart condition (i didn't hear the explanation) and as soon as she mention the word 'heart' heart stop a bit and i was like "ya tuhan...please save my baby"....we've been waiting for 9 months and suddenly she (Dr.Evelyn) mention something like's killing me right away....maybe i didn't pray hard enough and all sort of things came into my mind...but one thing for sure, i'm not prepared if something happen and i felt so either Keningau or Kota Kinabalu....but of course i want's near and we have a house there too...near to my i went home, tell my mom and dad then to hubby....i can see they worried and scared too...but we leave it to "HIS" will...and hope for the night, i was packing my cloths and kelly too....isaac & ivan seem to be confused...then i explain to them that kelly want to come out soon and I've to go to Hospital Keningau for few days...later they can come to visit me after baby kelly is delivered...

26 September 2012

The night seem very short and I didn't get any sleep too...I woke up before five in the morning and quietly snuggle into hubby arms...I never so nervous and scared like this before...even with Isaac or Ivan...and slowly, my tears roll down my cheek...I’m sobbing...and speechless...hubby clam me down and everything will be OK...around 6am, dad n mum come to fetch me...and within 40 minutes, there we are in front of the Hospital counter for registration...and after all the formality checking in with pink uniform...still no sign of, waiting for another doctor for consultation again...there's contraction but not that strong for the waiting game is on. Nothing much happening here coz it was not my familiar surrounding so all I do while waiting is sleeping, eating and counting the gap of my pain....and thanks to Debbie for driving my mom form here and there...I was diabetes during pregnancy so cannot consume sugar but still I manage to sneak in box of Osaka cake to comfort me while waiting to deliver…J Around 3pm, the doctor check me again..3cm yeah!! And thank god...some progression so no needs to induce and I felt happy of wait and wait till the opening is 4cm so that i can be sent to the Dewan Bersalin...miss my hubby n isaac n ivan so much...if I were at Tambunan, surely they can visit me continue to wait for the miracle 10cm...

27 September 2012

Wake up in the morning and yet still no sign to deliver...but good news is, they’re coming to visit me (hubby, Ivan & Isaac)…later that noon, seeing their faces really cheer me up…Isaac n Ivan thought, Kelly was already born..but still have to wait for dunno how long…around 2pm, doctor do another checking…finally it’s open for 4cm and I’m packing to go to labor room…the funny thing about Hospital Keningau is when you go to the delivery room, you bring everything you have…coz after delivery you’ll be in different bed…the opposite of Hospital Tambunan (you’ll stay in one same bed before and after)….around 4pm…I was settle in an individual labor room with two nurses taking care of you…they were six labors room I guess…so my water was broke around 4.30 pm…and from that moments on…here’s come the labor pain but not that consistent until 9pm…the pain was wooohoooo….and Kelly is ready to came out…after the push and push for half hour…welcome to the world Kelly Fabian @ 9.35pm…she weight 4.18kg..almost breaking his brother Isaac record by 200g….and the Osaka icing is warping all over her body...hahahah…MMS her pic to hubby and elsie...and later that mid night, hubby came with food coz i'm super hungry...


Monday, October 1, 2012

Kelly Fabian

When you were born you filled our heart with pride,
And we was overcome by the joy we felt inside.
As we held you in our arms that very first day,
we knew we would never let any harm come your way.
With your tiny little hands and tiny little feet,
Everytime we look at you our heart skips a beat.
As we watch you sleep in the middle of the night,
we hope and pray we will do everything right.
we know ,we may make some mistakes along the way,
but we promise to do our best not to every single day.
we often wonder what you will grow up to be,
But whatever you become will be fine with me.
So whatever you may decide to do in your life,
Maybe a teacher (like your mom), a lawyer, or even a doctor's wife.
we can say this without any doubt at all,
we will always be there to catch you if you fall.
And another promise we make to you from us,
Daddy & Mommy's little angel you will always be.
Kelly Fabian
Keningau Hospital