Saturday, August 8, 2009


Happy Birthday Isaac!!

Monday, April 13, 2009


watching you growing was such a joy...even sometimes you makes my temper up to boiling point :) much bigger than before...we notice that most of your seluar pindik makin seksi...and of course mama going to buy new pants for you soon....and at the moment, you are trying to combine syllabus of word..and it's sound very funny...and what interest me is, when you master a like to say a lot :) understand your surrounding better now...and you have this habit...when you cry, you will throw anything that your hand can reach; just to show your's not OK but as time goes by, soon you'll learnt how to deal with at the moment, enjoy your life as the king in the house :) love you very much...

bread + kaya = yummyyy

Laptop + games = happy

bubble bath

play time

Saturday, February 21, 2009


hey you...18 months boy...mama just didn't know what to just doing fine at this stage of your age...and of course you had your dose of polio injection on the 9/2/2009...and MMR injection on the 11/5/2009....luckily, you're strong enough to fight the fever...
what else, you are learning to say something now...some are understandable and some sound like foreign's ok, take your time darling...and you had show great interest in gaming..specially the PS2...grand turismo 4...and of course you knew the routine of kasi makan ayam too coz it's the time you go out and play :) and your imagination also has grow's because you don't have anyone to play with so your creativity had help you to enjoy proud of you...
...this was your hiding place...
full concentration kunun

just woke up and first thing in mind is PS2

new interest...lady-choice peanut butter..

Thursday, January 22, 2009


The new year...Isaac was just doing he's much more active than!!! and he was trying to copying whatever we do...and it's funny sometimes...learning to eat is a mess and wanted to be tug in during nappy time is a must...wanted to be hug when he suddenly wakes up in the middle of the night is another story...reading his story book occasionally and watching TV is 24 hour things....and he was getting bigger than i has change size and his long pants hanging already...his shirt become smaller :) how fast time passed by....and last week i bought him size M pampers...hahahhaha...mama afraid you are growing so fast....

learning how to jemur padi

his fav toys..

makan time

play time