Saturday, February 23, 2008

Another up-date

Isaac had his suntikan campak last Thursday...and for the first time i heard his loud baby voice...but it's only for a while :) Now he is feeling much better, his ruam is over and so is his flu and fever. His weight drop during his bad days...and trying to gain back what he lose by eating as much as he can...seem likes he been starving :) Anyways, he's bottom tooth is growing and want to bite anything what his hands can reach...

Monday, February 11, 2008

Get Well Soon!

It's broke my heart everytime or whenever Isaac is not feeling well...this time he had ruam panas and his body was covered with red dot...luckily it's not chicken pok! he has been like this since CNY after high fever, running nose and cough :(

p/s: sweetheart...pls get well soon...

Sunday, February 10, 2008

My Boy is 6 months

He's able to sit now...and once he get into this 'bath tub', he'll cry out loud when you said "ok..mandi is over"...

Hubby think he's cute...

I'm siting....yeah!!yeah!!

He's growing so fast now...even his bed won't fit him :) now Isaac teeth is going to pop out soon...he's having those tanda2 that's kalau ikut orang tua2 said lah...i hope he just doing fine...and be strong ah he was so active..he's able to crawl and just can't seem to stop turn over...he like to be explore the house with his walker and really like to bang on the cupboard...and the bang sound lounder each day...:) what else...paper..he like paper..books..and he like when i read my OUM module...and he like yellow...MTV...I just can't wait to be pregnant again...hopefully next that Isaac has friend to play with :)