Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My baby...

My Isaac was admitted to hospital for one night last week on 18 August...he had a very high fever and had to be monitor by doctor. Isaac had his MMR injection a week before and his antibody is adjusting the new immune in his body but his body can't hold on it....and after few days...red dots appear again....and the petua is drink akar lalang...he's OK now :) see the bed...it's small right...imagine i was sleeping on it with my Isaac...hehehe..

Saturday, August 16, 2008

LoVe u..

So Isaac..you are 1 year ++ now and Mama+Papa hope you'll be blessed all through years and many more in future...It's feel like just yesterday when we plan to have "you" in our life..the journey was unforgettable and the joy you gave us was indescribable....it was a great history in our life...and you were growing so fast...learning to talk, walk and understand few words we say was a great achievement by you...and your teeth is popping so quickly...8 teeth by now....and luckily no bad symptom during your teeth popping out...and you were such a brave boy during your MMR injection last Monday...and Isaac...Mama won't write everything here...I keep something for you to ask us later....

Mama and me....
Pre birthday party with great grandMa
The party...
Isaac...you'll soon realize how 'tension' it is to have a Mama working as a teacher :)

Friday, August 8, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday SON!

My Son,if I Could Have One Wish in
All the World on Your Birthday...
I'd wish that you would
always be happy, forever healthy,
and that your life would be filled
with all the things that bring you
laughter and love.
I wish you a life where
your dreams come true
and your goals are achieved;
I wish that I could always
wipe any tears from your face
and make everything okay again.
I hope you will always know
that I am thinking about you
and forever wanting nothing more
than your complete happiness in life.
It's your happiness that brings
me such immense joy,because you are my son
and I love you so much.

'Shelly Gross'

Isaac...the picture above is the opening ceremony of Beijing Olympic 2008...the celebration was held today...that's is on your birthday! 08.08.08