Friday, August 8, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday SON!

My Son,if I Could Have One Wish in
All the World on Your Birthday...
I'd wish that you would
always be happy, forever healthy,
and that your life would be filled
with all the things that bring you
laughter and love.
I wish you a life where
your dreams come true
and your goals are achieved;
I wish that I could always
wipe any tears from your face
and make everything okay again.
I hope you will always know
that I am thinking about you
and forever wanting nothing more
than your complete happiness in life.
It's your happiness that brings
me such immense joy,because you are my son
and I love you so much.

'Shelly Gross'

Isaac...the picture above is the opening ceremony of Beijing Olympic 2008...the celebration was held today...that's is on your birthday! 08.08.08

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