Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday!

Happy 3rd Birthday Isaac!! We celebrate it one day early because your actual born day was on Sunday..
Where to much you have grow...learning how to manage your daily routine such as brushing your teeth before going to sleep, washing your plate and spoon (satu dapur basah)..taking care of Ivan...disturbing Ivan while he was sleeping...controlling the remote 24/7 watching Dibo, Pororo, Mickey Mouse etc...but the most important thing is you colour our life wonderfully...and for your birthday and many more coming birthday in future...we wish you to have good health all through the really had fun today.

Rev. Fr. Francis Dakun
Isaac 3 years old
The Woman whose share your birth date...Atuk (72)
blowing cakes
eating ice cream
your favourite cartoon character
p/s: since you were have this up and down emotions...1 minutes your were laughing and the next minute you'll be crying...

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