Sunday, April 10, 2011

1 Year!!

for you...but mommy already eat on behalf of you...
blow candle

Mass by Rev. Fr. Valentine on your lucky :)

This is your first Birthday
A very special one
A nice kind of day
For treats and lots of fun.
From the time you get up
Till you go Nighty night
Hope your first Birthday
Is a special delight.

my dear sorry for the very very late update on your birthday party...been busy chasing you around...hahahah...actually, momy didn't had the change to sit in front of the PC or laptop to do the updating or any school work or anything that need computer because you will busy sitting on my lap too...exploring everything on the table and frankly i lost count how many time momy "lastik" your hands...sorry dear...the words 'Stop', 'Don't Disturb' seem not working on you but with some actions, it's works...:) don't worry, when the time'll be granted full access to the computer, just like your brother...just be patient for a little longer...then it's now, you are fifteen true color was reveal little by little...a bit active and super like to hit your brother on the head...and thank god, Isaac was very patient with you...he love you as much as we are fast learner too...and you first word "mamma" for everything...and above all, you are so manja with mommy...everywhere i go, there you'll be...just like mini more thing, believe it or this moment you still breastfeed...refuse to stop, no wonder you getting bigger than your love to eat too...even with green amazing you for your birthday, we wish you to have good health all through out the year...Happy Birthday Ivan! and we love you so much...

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