Saturday, July 16, 2011

My baby...

Another story to share...Isaac already register for next year SJKC Yuh Min 1st year of kindergarden last Wednesday...actually your grandma did the registration and me just submit your form the next day and of course to show of my communication in mandarin ;p...everything when for now, you, Isaac seem to be spoil during  your stay nenek homestay... and things change as you came home...specially your behaviour, you become more like 'angry bird'...and the way you treat you Lil bro was totally different as you think that us (Mama & Papa) will stand by you as your grandma days goes, we thinks you'll get the message how to behave nicely again...and good news is, you finally able to read ABC -Z...we are so proud of you...of course it's come with a price (power Ranger Toys) to force you start reading and frankly, we didn't bought you what you want...we just motivate you and we can see that you too proud of yourself...Since you'll be schooling next year, there's one or two things we really want to teach you...1st of course teach you to wears underwear or what you called it 'santut' were wearing it for the few days then after that you're starting giving lame excuses for not wanting to wear 'santut' again...but we still and will force you to wear it anytime soon...2nd things is, to teach you to wash your own butt /piiku after poo poo...and this is the hardest thing to rather cry out loud yelling me or your dad for like 10 minutes or so just to wash it for you..and as usual, you win but we will trying very hard again to ask you do it yourself...and your birthday is coming till then... Ivan...still maintain with 8 tooth...and still breastfeeding for this very moment, you already learnt few things about house rules and which is can or cannot...but still very fragile to understood watching cartoon and MTV...and when you watch Rango, it's so unbelievable that you can sit or lying down still until the movie is over..and truly afraid of frog, cockroach and lizard...funny! and some progression in adapting new words..."help" & "up" far you are the mini bos at home...but we try to limit your power of course so that your brother won't be feeling love Isaac companionship very much...and of course you both always fight and be friend are a great help too...helping us to feed the chicken, switch off fan/tv...we just love how you just being you...
main payung

feed chicken

yours small house

after a long day

main bedak wit isaac...sampai abis 1 botol...

our heart and soul

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