Monday, October 8, 2012

third time the charm

she's just few hours old

1st meeting with her nenek & brothers

kelly's 1st bath at atuk house

almost 1 day old tbn home, you just 3 days old..

2 weeks

1 month old

my heart & soul


Finally, a baby girl join the family and of course mumy super happy coz finally I've a 'friend' at home. After deliver at Hospital Keningau, we stayed at Atuk home for 2 days then return home to Tambunan as we'll be more comfortable coz the weather here is less hot than keningau...luckily, kelly jaundice was need to mandi stout, maybe because she had been feed with 5 oz of milk right after birth because her sugar level was so low...and thank god for need to go KKIA everyday...frankly, kelly has her own drama... 

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